FUMS UNITED is a newly formed footballclub in Bremen, Germany. It was founded in 2020 and is expected to develop and professionalize in the coming years. On the one hand, FUMS UNITED is a club for everyone who wants to play football, but on the other hand, it is also a space for encounters. The club plays under the dark green flag of the football magazine „FUMS“ – one of the best known football magazines in the German-speaking region. The club was founded by ten men and women who come from the sports business and were looking for a place where they could carry out charity activities and realize projects for a good cause.

What is special about FUMS UNITED?

FUMS UNITED wants to be, above all, a club of togetherness and mutual support. We all love football, but football is only one level that connects us all. It is much more important for FUMS UNITED to work together for people who were not as lucky as the most of us. To set up charity projects together, to set strong signs together and to show attitude, where even in 2021 some big professional clubs still don’t dare to show their colors clearly. For example the Rainbow Flag: We wear it proudly on our jerseys, while many professional clubs and even whole nations still find it difficult to accept the colors for what they are: An important sign of tolerance, cosmopolitanism and mutual respect. FUMS UNITED wants to be different. Free from the resentment of the supposed „big players“. In other words, we want to raise money for a good cause and not for the most expensive player on the transfer market. With FUMS UNITED, everyone can be seen on the team photo: Men AND women AND our ALLSTARS, our inclusion team with mentally disabled people. All together we are FUMS UNITED.

What is FUMS?

FUMS is one of the most popular football magazines for entertaining content in the German speaking region. It has more than 500k followers on social media and more than 6 million website visitors per month. In the German-speaking football community it is famous for its quote cards and entertaining content. The meaning of FUMS is „football is fun“ and it was founded by Cord Sauer in 2014. During the past few years lots of charity activities became part of the FUMS universe, for example the „Spieltagsspende“, which translates to „matchday donation“. Every week there are nine match predictions for the Bundesliga that could probably come true. For every event that has acctually happened, FUMS donates together with a partner for charitable organisations and good purpose. FUMS UNITED is one of the many charity activities of FUMS. Sure – we want to play football but first of all we want to encourage equality and embrace tolerance. Are you in?

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